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March 31 2012

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Metal bands per 100.000 people.
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March 26 2012

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March 24 2012

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March 10 2012

February 29 2012

February 28 2012

Code Quality in WTFs/m
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February 27 2012

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DENIC Image Film - Endlich mal ein Spot ohne gestellte Dialoge ;)

Rügen on the rocks

The icy waters of the Baltic Sea surrounding Germany’s largest island, Rügen, are pictured in this image from Japan’s ALOS observation satellite.

February 23 2012

$ php -r "var_dump(0x00 + 0x02);"
$ php -r "var_dump(0x00+0x02);"
PHP :: Bug #61095 :: PHP can't add hex numbers

February 22 2012

February 21 2012

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You have been warned.
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February 13 2012

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neulich bei einer Umfrage... - YouTube

February 10 2012

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February 08 2012

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OK Go - Needing/Getting - Official Video
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February 07 2012

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February 03 2012

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Milk Man: World's Worst Superhero - YouTube
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